Finally, a single tool that combines all the different methods you use to communicate with your contacts in one location while interfacing with your mobile devices like IPad and IPhone.

Record all the important data in one of the 26 fields that you can customize with your own titles. Add more fields as needed. Send text emails with your IPad to Individual accounts, by groups you assign, or in mass.

Sync the data in your IPad with your IPhone and vise versa. Back up your database to our website with our eCloud service. Convert your database into a spreadsheet and/or transfer the data in your current program with a spreadsheet.

Sync your schedule with the other members of your team with our eCalendar. Quickly link with your customers' Facebook and Twitter accounts. And accurately locate your customers address through eMaps. You can also view market saturation by city and State.

Download the IPad - IPhone from The Apple App Store for only $1.99 per year.
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